Subarb Food Fresh Bags - practical unique gifts to improve kitchen storage and keep vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese and bread fresh and mould free.
made in New Zealand
SUBARB Giftware Range

Grab - a - Bag

Price: NZ$16.00


Every home needs one of these to keep your plastic bags out of the way and out of drawers where they waste space and get caught up.

Bag measures: 54.5cm x 21cm

Woodbasket Liner

Price: NZ$37.00


woodbasket liner - inside view
inside view

A Subarb woodbasket Liner is the ultimate " No Mess " product. It's made of strong hard wearing calico ( thousands have been sold and none returned ) and comes in Trim colours of Navy, Bottle Green or Natural. Its designed to fit most woodbaskets, up to 490 mm diameter and 430mm in height. Think how much more you'll enjoy that log fire knowing you don't have to vacuum up the mess.

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